BIO - Pablo Barckhahn (Chilean-German)
Art, movement, body expression. These have been the driving forces of my life. 
These forces lead me to travel, explore, love, suffer, create, dream. Developing strong nerves and inner peace for stormy weather.  
In this flow, after 20 years of performing as a classical and contemporary dancer, I have found a new place of expression, now behind the scenes, in make-up and hair design. 
MUD Make-up Design Berlin was home to my first professional training.
Working in different realms -such as music, television, cinema, fashion, and publicity- allowed me to develop true versatility, and  a deep understanding of collective work dynamics that are context-specific. 
Outstanding partners that  I'm proud to have collaborated with are Kontrak,  Annett Louisan,  Yin Kalle,  Philipp Dittberner, and Dominik Eulberg.  Currently, I am working with Skip TV and Netflix where I have the chance to enhance my abilities on prosthetics and special effects modeling. 
I am already excited about new projects to come with you. 

Flexibility and collaboration. That is my mantra. 
I work on creative ideas with clients' needs at the center. I consider my clients as a partner in creation.  
I appreciate the imaginary universe that inspires them, and I'm eager for them to explore mine. 
To facilitate this dialogue and creative partnership I develop digital mood boards to express my aesthetic proposal. 
Decisions are taken collaboratively throughout the process. In this way, while creative agreements are defined, this is flexible. 
I am always open and curious to new enriching insights.
What is yours?

watch interview for ART?ART! Magazine​​​​​​​
Mob Journal cover - as model and as makeup artist

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